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God’s Umbrella

The weather forecast had called for perfect, sunny weather for the four days I’d be in Brookline. When I arrived in the city, however, the scenario changed. Now it looked as though Tuesday (my third day there) was going to be a washout. Since I don’t drive, I was counting on my feet, and Boston’s …

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Boston Bound

My father didn’t raise me; he was gone for most of my childhood. Before he disappeared, we made many happy memories together. Trips to the beach, where I could play on the swings and the slide. Getting soft ice cream in a dixie cup at Magic Fountain, and racing to eat it before it melted …

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Interview with “Avalon” Author Vanessa Morgan

I recently had the pleasure of reading and reviewing Avalon, an ebook/ memoir by author and screenwriter, Vanessa Morgan. The story begins in 2001, in Belgium, when the author happened upon a stray Turkish Van cat, apparently a stray. This would prove to be a life-changing experience, that would shape her personal and professional future. …

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