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4 Books a Month? Why Not!

If you followed my Reading Challenge in 2016, you might have noticed I got a little frazzled at times. Some of the topics were challenging for me, especially “Read a book that intimidates you.” There were only twelve categories, and I normally read more than one book per month, so I’m not sure why I …

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The Most Challenging of the 2016 Reading Challenge!

    The tenth assignment in the 2016 Reading Challenge was holding me up from accomplishing my goal… threatening to sabotage me from completing the challenge by December 31st! Why? Because it required me to read a book that has been in my house (well, apartment, really) for a long time that I never read. I …

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James Patterson “Cradle and All”

I’m not normally a big James Patterson fan (although the customers in the bookstore where I work can’t get enough of him). I just never quite got into the Alex Cross crime detective novels. I glanced at his “Middle School” series, aimed for Young Adults, and didn’t find them at all amusing. However, the cover …

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