Letting Go

Here is a picture of my Dad letting go of me as I took my first wobbly baby steps.


First Steps


Last night, at 10:30 PM, Dad let go of the strings that bound him to this earthly world.

For the past decade or so, Dad struggled in the cruel grip of Alzheimer’s, Dementia, and Parkinson’s. This was how I found him, after searching for him for thirty years. So… I don’t know if I ever really got to know the real Him.

About three days ago, I got word from his Social Worker in his Boston nursing home that he was declining; he was having trouble breathing, was non-verbal, and couldn’t swallow food.

Last night, before I fell asleep, I asked God to please take him, quickly. Enough suffering! When I awoke, I somehow knew. But rather than sadness and grief, I felt a lightness of heart and a buoyancy of spirit. This is how I knew he’d been set free.

Dad’s nursing home was over 300 miles away from me. His very large family, most of whom I’ve never met, lives 2,000 miles from here. But in the spring, God willing, we’ll all be together, and he’ll be laid to rest with his parents… who didn’t even know their wayward son was was still alive. It’s complicated!

But it’s all good.


Dad St Pattys Day

Dad in a goofy hat at a St. Patty’s Day party

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  1. Sorry for your loss… 😩 losing a parent is never easy. May God be with you during this tough time.

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