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4 Books a Month? Why Not!

If you followed my Reading Challenge in 2016, you might have noticed I got a little frazzled at times. Some of the topics were challenging for me, especially “Read a book that intimidates you.” There were only twelve categories, and I normally read more than one book per month, so I’m not sure why I …

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The Most Challenging of the 2016 Reading Challenge!

    The tenth assignment in the 2016 Reading Challenge was holding me up from accomplishing my goal… threatening to sabotage me from completing the challenge by December 31st! Why? Because it required me to read a book that has been in my house (well, apartment, really) for a long time that I never read. I …

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A Stolen Life, A Banned Book

There are just a couple of more days of Banned Books Week left, and there are so many things I wanted to say that I have not written about yet! So far, I have blogged about Judy Blume and Mark Twain, and their well-known, classic tomes. Today, I would like to talk about a much …

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