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Little Girl Blue: Remembering Karen Carpenter

  February 4 marks the 33rd anniversary of the death of singer Karen Carpenter. One half of the Grammy-winning duo, The Carpenters, Karen tragically succumbed to cardiac arrest, caused by complications from anorexia nervosa, at the age of thirty-two. Her unmistakable, dulcet, smooth vocals helped elevate easy-listening hits such as “(They Long To Be close …

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Boys in the Trees, by Carly Simon

I’m not normally a fan of celebrity autobiographies. I find the majority of them largely disappointing, full of mundane descriptions of their hometowns, yawn-inducing descriptions of their family and ancestors, and barely amusing anecdotes from their childhood. Many of them gloss over their tales of fame just as one might Photoshop an unflattering picture– removing …

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Review: Sara Bareilles Sounds Like Me

I’m not a fan of celebrity autobiographies. I’ve found most of them to be either A) disappointingly dull or B) written (mostly) by somebody else. Not to sound morbid, but my favorite celebrity biographies are the post-mortem type, especially if the star led a sad life that culminated in a tragic, premature death. (I’ve lost …

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