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The Time is Now

The Time is Now “The time is now!” Albert boomed in a clear, forceful voice. Thelma hefted her considerable weight out of her chair. The tattered, thrift store romance novel she’d been absorbed in flew from her hands and landed on the floor with a soft plop. “Almighty Jesus!” she exclaimed, clutching a fist to …

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A Modern Night Before Christmas

“You sure you’ll be okay?” My wife, Jill, looks uncertain as she lingers by the door, car keys dangling in her hand. I’ve already answered the same question a dozen times today. “We’ll be fine.” I hope my voice sounds more confident than I feel. I plant a quick kiss on her forehead, before she …

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The 12th of December

The Twelfth of December  by Holly Gaskin 364 days had passed, sometimes creep-crawling, other times sprinting, until the calendar page once again screamed “December 12.” I’d been conscious that it was creeping up, as I ripped page after page off the calendar at the end of each day, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11… now, here …

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