Monthly Archives: March, 2017

Take Two

I think readers would be surprised to learn that many authors don’t read their own books once they finish writing them. I’m one of those authors. My reason is, I’m always moving on to the Next Big Idea. However, there’s always exceptions. Since I made the decision to add new chapters to my 2011 book, Finding …

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God’s Umbrella

The weather forecast had called for perfect, sunny weather for the four days I’d be in Brookline. When I arrived in the city, however, the scenario changed. Now it looked as though Tuesday (my third day there) was going to be a washout. Since I don’t drive, I was counting on my feet, and Boston’s …

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Boston Bound

My father didn’t raise me; he was gone for most of my childhood. Before he disappeared, we made many happy memories together. Trips to the beach, where I could play on the swings and the slide. Getting soft ice cream in a dixie cup at Magic Fountain, and racing to eat it before it melted …

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