I’m Baaaaack!!!!

It’s been awhile since I’ve updated this blog, but now I am back with DOUBLE good news! I have two (sort of) new books to tell you about!


First, I have re-released my first book, A Little Company, under a new title, In the Deep North Woods. My reason for doing so is I changed publishers, in order to save an annual “digital storage fee” and to be able to order author copies at a much cheaper rate. So, what’s changed besides the title? There’s a new cover, and the text within has been edited and “tidied up.” Additionally, all of the chapters now have titles, which I think makes it more enticing for a bookstore customer who picks it up and turns to the table of contents.


Additionally, I have just approved the proofs for Poems of a High School Loser: A Collection of Bad Poetry: 1988-1990. This soon-to-be available book is comprised of some of the hundreds of poems I composed while I was a student at Mattituck High School. They cover everything from unrequited love, hopelessness, depression, anger, determination, friendship, mourning, and fantasy. While so much has changed in the thirty years since I wrote them, I believe that the wildly mixed emotions of teenagers remains a timeless and universal reality. I think readers of all ages will be able to relate!

cover cropped

Stay tuned for more information on my blog and my Facebook page. Also, I will be revamping my website soon!

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