Watertown Neighbors

There is a new local magazine just starting to make the rounds, called Watertown Neighbors. The publication brands itself as: “A community magazine serving the residents of Watertown.”


WT mag1


I recently had the chance to write a book review, which appears in the current issue.



In keeping with its community-oriented theme, I chose to review a book by local author Emma Tharp (actually the pen name of a prominent Watertown businesswoman). What About Her is a romance-mystery that focuses on the supposed death of college student Willow Peterson, her best Kate (who refuses to believe Willow is actually dead), and River McEwan, the young man who captures the hearts of both girls. It’s not the type of book I normally read (being a horror lover), but the ending was so shocking, I immediately bought the sequel, What About Us!

Published by Best Version Media, Watertown  Neighbors has a small circulation right now, and is mailed out to certain homes. Take a look at their Facebook page here:




As for Emma Tharp’s exciting novels, you can find them in The Reading Room Bookstore in Salmon Run Mall!




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