Go on Living

I’ve been going through boxes of family mementos, unearthing a hodgepodge of my own memories, and mysterious, black and white photographs from long before I was born.

One item I found caught me by surprise. It was a poem I had written long ago. I haven’t thought of it in years. Although there were no notations, including a date, I remembered exactly when I wrote it, and who it was about.

In the summer of 2001, a dear friend of mine took his own life. We used to write songs together and record them. He was a brilliant musician & recording engineer, and a dear friend. I loved him. I’d harbored hopes that someday he and I might be more than friends.  Unfortunately, his demons stole him from this world.

I’ve edited the original poem. I’m sure there are many of you who can apply it to someone dear in your life.


sunrise sihouette


Go On Living ©2001 Holly Cordova

It was a shock to lose you

No one was prepared

You were everything to everyone

Then suddenly… not there

In my broken heart

I know you haven’t died

For as long as my heart’s beating

You’ll always be alive

I’m reminded of your smile

When the sun is shining bright

And I think about your eyes

When I see the stars at night

You live on in my conscience

I clearly hear your voice

Giving clarity and guidance

So I make the wisest choice

Since you left this world

Each day I take the time

To count blessings, and not worries

And cherish all that’s mine

Although the words “I love you”

Weren’t often said aloud

I know you did, and so I’ll live

In a way to make you proud

I know that you are happy

In a Paradise above

While here, you go on living

In the hearts of all you loved




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