Somewhere Between Love and Justice

Recently, I got to read the debut novel by SW Anderson, Somewhere Between Love and Justice, plus interview the author. I hope you enjoy my review and my chat with Mz. Anderson!

Somewhere Between Love and Justice is the debut novel by S.W. Anderson. It is described by the author as a “lesbian western,” set in the 1890s. There is lots of action, suspense, and yes, sex.

Sarah Sawyer is the hero in this story– if you can call a young woman with murder on her mind a “hero.” She is on a mission to avenge the brutal murder of her parents ten years ago, by tracking down the remaining members of the notorious O’Shea gang, and ridding society of their lowly existence. There’s a bit of a love triangle between Sarah and Jessie, who’s a sheriff’s Marshall, and the beautiful Jo, a saloon owner. It’s Jo who is really the love of Sarah’s life… if only Sarah could let herself the gift of that love, as she believes that she is not a good person, and is basically “damaged goods.” The one criticism I have of this story is that Sarah’s low self esteem and sense of unworthiness gets tiresome when repeated in chapter after chapter. Other than that, Somewhere Between Love and Justice is riveting, descriptive, and thrilling. There are a couple of interesting plot twists towards the end of the story, which reveal how Sarah’s, Jessie’s and Jo’s pasts are shockingly intertwined. I hope to read more of Ms. Anderson’s work in the future!

justice coverA Q&A with S.W. Anderson

Where are you from?

I live in a rural north central Florida near Gainesville, home of the Florida Gators.

How long have you been writing?

I am a relative newcomer to fiction writing as I only started a bit over two years ago. I was hooked in a hurry and dove in with both feet to learn as much as I could about the craft and there is still much learning ahead of me. Before that, my experience had been more work related articles and blogs.

What made you decide to write a western?

The western was a result of me wanting something different. I grew up around horses and my mother had an affinity for westerns so they grew on me too. At the time I was working on other stories set in modern day. I was at a stop light surfing the radio when I passed an old country song. That’s when it hit me and a picture of Sharon Stone in “The Quick and the Dead” popped into mind and I knew what I wanted to write. It grew from there and was a joy to write female characters that differed from what I was exposed to in books and movies growing up.

What character in Somewhere Between Love and Justice is the most like you?

Sarah Sawyer is most definitely the most like me. Stubborn and determined, as my wife can attest, fits me well on many a day. Mostly though, the feelings of loss and anger are a large part of what I dealt with losing my father unexpectedly and watching my mother suffer a long, losing battle with scleroderma. They both passed before I graduated from college. Even seventeen plus years later I can’t say that those feelings have been completely reconciled, so you see it laid out there on the paper. Also, I tend to have dry humor and I think that comes across in some of her observations.

Who are your favorite authors?

I enjoy reading autobiographies quite often, but when it comes to lesbian fiction, I am fond of Geri Hill, Radclyffe and Rhavensfyre. Recently, I’ve met several other authors that I look forward to exploring very soon, K.A. Moll, Cori Garrison, Missouri Vaun and Heather Rose Jones. I have been guilty of skimming the “Look Inside” feature on Amazon and I think there are many wonderful writers that I would enjoy. Maybe I can get through them all one day.

Who would you say are your main supporters in your writing career?

My supporting cast has a wide span. My wife has been so very supportive and tolerant of my new obsession, so I am thankful for that. A good friend who writes fantasy romance, took me to her RWA meetings and has helped greatly in the structure and do’s and don’ts of fiction. Then there’s my wonderfully patient friend Cindy, who designed the fantastic book cover and served as my Beta. There are others who have supported me and contributed to my growth in one way or another as noted in the book’s acknowledgement, Unfortunately, I could never name everyone, but I want them all to know that I am very grateful to have such wonderful friends around the world. I wouldn’t be here without them.
What can readers expect next from you?

Well, I hope to give readers a variety of stories. Next up will be another western as a part of this series. There could be a few over the years based on those characters. I also have a modern day love story that’s a bit of a triangle and deals with how the women handle these feelings they’re forced to keep to themselves for various reasons. Finally, I have a science fiction story that’s been in my head, so I may try my hand at that genre in the coming months.

S.W. Anderson’s book is available in paperback and Kindle editions, and can be ordered here.



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