On Writing: Flesh Out Those Characters

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June 22, 2015

Make Those Characters Jump Off the Page


I recently read the first few dozen pages of a manuscript for a YA novel, which the author had decided to submit to a publishing company for consideration. Unfortunately, it didn’t take but about five pages before I realized the writing was “flat.” One of the characteristics of “flatness” is the lack of character development. The author failed to include hardly any physical features or any sense of the emotional or mental state, (i.e. their likes and dislikes, virtues and vices, qualities that make them human, not cardboard) of all the characters except the main protagonist, and those descriptions were scanty. I felt the author needed to do a study on character development, start his manuscript over again, and make his characters come alive.

So, how do you make your characters come alive in that next great American novel you’re…

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