The Third Kingdom: An Animal Anthology

Recently, I got to participate in a project that was right up my alley as a writer and animal lover. I was one of a dozen authors who shared their talents in a book called The Third Kingdom: New Writings From The Animal World. A dozen writers, all from New York State, put pen to paper to create some wonderful short stories, personal essays and poetry for this collection. They run the gamut from humorous to poignant, and include both true stories and imaginative fiction.


While some of the contributing authors supplied multiple creations, I wrote just one.  My true story, “Deej,” is the first story featured in the book. It’s actually a reworking of a short story I wrote years ago, upon the loss of a beloved pet cat. Like my fellow Third Kingdom authors, I was mentored and counseled during the creation of this anthology by Bob Comenole, Mr. Comenole gives courses and seminars on creative writing all over New York and New England. He offered us valuable feedback, and encouraged us to self-edit, and then edit some more, polishing our little literary diamonds-in-the-rough until they were bright and shiny. In my case, I had to add more dialogue and physical description what I’d originally written. I guess you can say the resulting, revised version of “Deej” is both humorous and sad. Emotional, is perhaps the best way to put it.

Other offerings in this book will captivate readers young and old, and of varied interests. JW Trout, for instance, is an avid outdoorsman. He contributed several stories about his real-life adventures fly-fishing in the Adirondacks. It makes for great reading for guys (and gals) who aren’t necessarily into sentimental stuff.

Of course, this being a book of mostly animal stories, there’s bound to be plenty of “warm and fuzzy” tales to be found. Bruce Keller writes about his fond memories of a lovable St. Bernard in the short story, “George, As I Remember.” Heidi Doheny Jay spins a sweet romance… doggy style. “A Tale of Tails” is about two pooches who fall in love and try to escape doggy boarding school together. Nancy Prosser’s two short stories, “Nathaniel Needs a Newt” and “The Owl in the Library,” are both perfect for reading aloud to a child. Cathy Anderson contributes two stories that are tied together. “Piggy Is As Piggy Does” and “Tulips and “Primroses” both feature the adventures of a very imaginative little boy named Piper O’Shea and his knit piglet friend, Tulip.

The Third Kingdom: New Writings From The Animal World is a limited edition book. Once we, the authors, sell the copies we have, there will be no more, never-ever-ever! So these are collectors’ items, for sure. They make a great gift for the animal lovers in your life, or just as a special treat for yourself. The 129-page book costs $10 per copy. If you are interested, email me at:, or shoot me a message on Facebook. Hopefully, I’ll still have some copies left when warmer weather gets here and I start doing some book signings with my fellow local authors!



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  1. Hi, Holly.
    This sounds like a book I would enjoy, especially the dog stories.
    -Hope Marston

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